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Terms of Service

Terms Overview

Next Wave Customs continues in striving for the highest quality final product while delivering the client’s vision at an affordable price.


This Terms & Payment page will include the terms for creating these projects, and the payment structure for Next Wave Customs.

Service Terms

Next Wave Customs allows clients to create custom designs as a part of our service package. In order to keep the Next Wave brand aligned with our primary mission will include the following:


Unauthorized design/content which includes (but is not limited to):

  • intent to harass and or attack an individual, group of individuals, or organization

  • pornographic or other graphic content

  • depiction of violence

  • intent to spread false information

  • promoting negative messages/propaganda


The turnaround times for each service are dependent upon the size and complexity of the project.  Specific turnaround times vary in order to allow the ordering of materials prior to the start of each project. 

Service Changes

Next Wave Customs strives to do everything we can to make any changes during the design process. During the finalization process of the design stage of the project, you will be allotted three design revisions. Please be aware that manufacturing delays may adjust the turnaround time for processed orders. 


Once the design is completed and approved by the client, revisions will no longer be accepted (past the threshold of the three allotted). 


We will order the project materials as soon as the revised design is finalized. This is to allow the start of your project with completion within the agreed-upon time frame. With this in mind, Next Wave Customs will not be able to process further revisions subsequent to the processing of your order.

Payment Structure & Processing

All service payments will be processed by Next Wave through Square, our payment provider. Payment details and costs will be sent out to you via invoice to your email.


We will include a payment schedule, so we can complete your service on time. We will collect the initial deposit of half of the entire cost of the service. Then upon completion of the service we will collect the remaining half of the balance.


In order to account for service changes or sudden project changes, a $100 security deposit will be collected, this will be set aside in case it is needed.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Next Wave Customs can process a refund, to do this we will need a copy of your invoice as well as a valid reason for the refund, we will also require a send back of the product, you will be responsible for the shipment price of sending the product back to us. Once Next Wave Customs recieves the product, we will process the refund within 3-5 business days.

Refunds will not be processed during the production process of the project, if a refund is needed, it will have to be processed after the materials have been ordered. Cost for those materials will need to be compensated for in order to process the refund at that time.

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